About the product


Wicking Bouquet is founded with love of our home. We want to inspire joy through a diffuser that brings both elegance and welcoming smell into our home. Our collection is made of natural products and delicately handcrafted to bring you both style and luxurious aromas. We hope that you will enjoy the product we've created with much love.

Our diffuser's oil wicking medium, the flower bouquet, is 100% natural and handcrafted from sola wood into beautiful flowers. We offer a selection of flower bouquets that will stand out in your homes. Each bouquet set is perfect to be the centerpiece of your living space. 

We also offer choices of diffuser oil - all natural essential oils blend with carrier oil designed to disperse aroma optimally with the bouquet. There is no alcohol or artificial fragrances in our oil blends. We recommend pairing the bouquet with our diffuser, as not all oil would be absorbed and dispersed by the wood.  Choose one of our unique blends of diffuser oil to get the best benefit of Wicking Bouquet.

Our diffuser is easy to use, simply place the bouquet into the diffuser oil.  The bouquet will slowly wicks the oil and disperses it into the surrounding space.  The intensity of the aroma can be adjusted by removing or adding flowers and aroma sticks.