Wooden flowers - what is that?

Posted by Wicking Bouquet on May 31st 2020

Wooden flowers - what is that?

One of the factors that make Wicking Bouquet diffusers unique is our handcrafted wooden flowers. 

How can one craft flowers out of wood? What sort of wood is thin and porous enough to absorb and disperse oil? We often get questions on our flowers and so today, we'd like to share a bit of history behind our handcrafted flowers. 

Our flowers are made of a kind of wood called sola, specifically Aeschynomene aspera L that is native to Thailand. These plants are considered unwanted; they thrive in wet soil and are considered weeds in rice fields. When Thailand was in the period of Ayuthaya Kingdom (between 1350-1767), the rice farmers pondered what sola could be used for. After all, they grew in abundance in the area. 

In their pursuit, they found that the wood of the sola plant is extremely light and pliable when sun dried. This was the start of the creative process to strip the woods into thin sheets, cut, fold and shape them into flowers. This beautiful innovation soon became a popular decoration, and the technique of sola flower crafting persists until today. 

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Photo credit: ww2.ayutthaya.go.th/

There are many sola wood artisan, however, not many are able to create the delicate and vividly elegant flowers that we use for Wicking Bouquet diffusers. You see, in order to pair the sola bouquet with diffuser oil, the flowers have to be thinly cut so that the oil could be quickly absorbed and evaporated to great effect. 

At Wicking Bouquet, we partner with a family of artists who have been crafting sola flower since the Ayuthaya period. With generations of expertise, they create stunning and life-like flowers that is unique only to Ayuthaya technique. We source the best artisan for you so that you are able to comfortably select the flower designs that you love and are meaningful to you in your Wicking Bouquet diffusers. 

Love your home and add this historical artifact to your personal home accessories.